Meet Pauline Hoskin

“Everybody just cares at Sorrento Centre”

Pauline Hoskin lives in Calgary and has been coming to Sorrento Centre since 1975! When their children were young, she and her husband would keep coming back to spend some of their summer holidays — the children would be busy, her husband would enjoy “R & R” and take a lot of the family responsibilities while Pauline took courses. Perfect arrangement!

Listen as she shares a memory of a particularly special week in 1988. Imagine a whole week where women gathered and just delighted in other women’s companionship, friendships and talents! “It was terrific!”

Like so many others, for Pauline, Sorrento Centre is a place of joy. A place of health (meaning the full range): physical health, mental health, social health. Sorrento Centre is very much a place where she could be herself. “I didn’t have to be proper. I didn’t have to be put on an act or a mask of a role. It’s more like I can just be myself.”

We agree Pauline – we agree!

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