Meet Phoebe McRae

And intentional (and unintentional!) ambassador

Phoebe McRae has been coming here since she was in diapers!  While she doesn’t remember a lot of those first memories from “year zero” as she calls it, it has been 51 years of summers at Sorrento Centre for her and her family.

When she was a little girl, she used to talk about coming to Sorrento Centre all the time, find out how she unintentionally became an ambassador for the centre by watching the video below! 

Throughout the years Phoebe has had many wonderful memories at Sorrento Centre from being a part of the summer youth staff, relaxing by the lake and of course now seeing her children fall in love with Sorrento the same way she did many years ago.

We can not wait to welcome Phoebe and her family  back for their annual trip next summer for more campfires, summer adventure and much-needed relaxation! 

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