Meet Roxy!

Cabana lover, and snack lover

Why, Roxy is practically an old timer as she has been coming with her family since she was a toddler. “Sorrento Centre is the best vacation (other than the mosquitoes) the best vacation I have ever had each year!” See the video at the bottom of the page!

For the last four years, Mary has been bringing her four children for a week or two for a holiday at Sorrento Centre. Roxy is the youngest and she loves that it’s a family tradition now to be at Sorrento. Mary loves it too.

Several years ago, a friend recommended Sorrento Centre as a place Mary could bring her children, where they could all have a holiday (not just the kids)! She’s been coming ever since building memories, getting soaked in the traditional water fight, displaying ukulele skills at the talent night, enjoying meals made by others, and building memories! (author: yes, I wrote building memories twice)

As a single mom with four busy children, she finds peace and comfort and rest here knowing her kids are happily occupied. It’s a place where there’s lots of activities for her kids, and plenty of family time at the beach and playing board games on the picnic table. As Roxy notes “One thing I like doing with my mom and my sister is walking around the Cabanas because I love the Cabanas!” Mary too loves the rustic comfort of a Cabana, with plenty of beds and counter space – even a small fridge- for all her family’s needs. (yes, that includes the stash of snacks Roxy so adores) She can find some peace and quiet, and valuable adult time, knowing her kids are safe and having fun on their adventures.


Now, back to Roxy who not only loves riding her bike all over the place, she also loves visiting the shop for candy and ice cream, and making new friends. She also loves being surrounded by nature. “I do not like the bugs, mosquitoes especially, other than mosquitos and bugs and stuff, I do like the nature.”

We can not wait to welcome back Roxy and her brothers and sister again next year and, maybe one day as youth staff! We know that Roxy will be singing the songs she learned, making sure the snacks and the sunscreen and bug spray is packed for next year! Mary is likely honing her ukulele skills and picking out some new books to read at the beach. For sure they are all reliving the memories… 

See you next year!

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