Meet the neighbours: hello, Shuswap!

Rising spring waters fed by snow melting in the mountains

A windy mid-spring day on the Shuswap on May 7, 2021.. the beautiful body of water that is at the heart of our region.

The spring melt from the hills and mountains around the Shuswap fill the Shuswap basin, causing a relentless rise. The Shuswap Lake Watch tracks the daily water levels year-after-year. So far in 2021, the rise in the Shuswap is lower than average, and well below 2020 – which was the second highest year on record.

Any visit to the Sorrento Centre means a visit to our incredible and beautiful waterfront, which is available to all our guests. 

The Sorrento Centre’s 24-acre main campus includes a large waterfront… the shoreline of the Shuswap is a place of play, relaxation and reflection. Wild Church meets for outdoor worship on the waterfront. Very busy in the summer – with lots of boat traffic – the Shuswap is very quiet in spring, especially this spring of pandemic and travel restrictions. Two km east of our main campus, our eight-acre natural farm is nourished by water drawn from the Shuswap. The name of this wonderful H-shaped lake is an English / settler take on the name of the Indigenous First People of this area – the Secwepemc. 

More on the traditional and unceded Secwepemc territory

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