A Memory Book, you say?

Hello, Sorrento Centre fans!

We have an exciting project in the works, and we want you to be part of it! As part of our Sixtieth Anniversary, we are creating a photo/story book, a memory book of the last six decades. The album will contain pictures from our archives along with the photos and written memories you submit. We will keep placeholders for 2023 SYS activities, as well as the Thanksgiving Associates weekend.

The book will be available to order in the fall, in time for Christmas shopping (more details to come). Thank you to Erin and Liz Barr for the idea and for taking the lead on this!

So, how can you be part of this? Perhaps you have a handful of fun photos you’d like to share or an anecdote or two? We invite you to send your submission as follows:

  1. Up to five pictures of your best Sorrento Centre photos in high resolution (min 1200px). If possible, let us know who is in the photos – particularly any easily identified faces.
  2. A short to write up, with memories or stories that speak to the spirit of Sorrento Centre. Please limit to no more than fifty words. Submissions may be subject to editing depending on how many are received.
  3. Email to sorrentocentre60@gmail.com
  4. Deadline: July 31, 2023 (and it would be super helpful if submissions were received earlier)

In gratitude,
The Sorrento Centre Anniversary Book Committee
Liz Barr, Erin Barr, Kathie MacDuff, Mary Scheidegger

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