Once she felt disconnected…

The outdoor church brought her back to Christ

This article was published on Sept. 16, 2021.

The joyful partnership between Sorrento Centre and Wild Church continues to grow and flourish over the years – at one time simply occasional worship gatherings in the great outdoors to the now regularly scheduled monthly celebration of praise!

Wild Church Sorrento is a sacred nature-based experience to awaken deep love for self, earth and all living beings for the survival and healing of the planet. It is a new expression of church where Mystery is experienced, not explained. Our 90 minute sessions involve time for sharing, time on the land, and poetry. Our goal is for participants to experience the Wisdom of the Creator through creation using all senses, to learn to love the land and its occupants as neighbours, and to help change the perspective from “this land belongs to us” to “we belong with this land.”

We invite you to get to know Victoria Loorz who started Church of the Wild and co­-founded the Wild Church Network, an affiliation of con­gregations across North America that meet exclusively outdoors in order to experience the div­ine in the natural world. Where once she felt disconnected from Christ, the outdoor church brought her back. Victoria Loorz’s Wild Church Network helps people of all faiths find the divine in nature. (exerpt from Broadview magazine)

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Everyone is always welcome at Wild Church here at Sorrento Centre

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