Harambee Summer Festival 2024

The Harambee Summer Festival will take place at Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre in July 2024. Details will be published in Spring.

A little information about The Harambee Cultural Society…

Vision: All of our children feel loved and empowered to be resilient in an imperfect world.

Mission: Our Mission is to lead our Harambee community in celebrating the varied heritage and cultures of the African diaspora. In the next five years (2016-2021), we will focus on further extending the promise of Harambee to youth, parents, adult adoptees, and elders in our community by providing mentoring, role models, therapy and counselling, cultural representation, outreach (within the Harambee community) and love.

The purpose of Harambee Cultural Society is to celebrate the value of transracial families and mitigate the challenges faced by trans-racially adopted children.