Remembering Lance Richardson

Rest in peace, dear friend

The photo from the mid-1960s shows a decidedly serious Lance at work on a haircut.

On Tuesday evening, in the year 2022 at Sorrento Centre, we remembered Lance Richardson – who helped shape our beloved Centre in its early years in the 1960s and remained a friend down through the decades.

Lance was a member of the first winter course at the Sorrento Centre in 1965, and then returned to serve as the property manager. He supervised the amazing feat of building our panabode structure – which is now named Richardson Lodge and continues to provide comfortable rooms and meeting spaces, as well as our kitchen and dining area. Here is one account: “He must be remembered as the supervisor of the construction of Nova Vita. The Panabode package arrived on two immense trucks and was dumped in a huge pile on the ground. The feat of converting those piles into a building, with largely amateur help, was incredible.”

Another memory: “Lance is also remembered by many as much more than one who maintained buildings – he maintained people’s souls. He had a toughness that engendered self-confidence, an ability to motivate volunteers to like work, quality and inspired commitment.”

In the year-book of the 1965-66 class, Lance was described: “He is the person who is always there (cephas – the rock), our source of inspiration – the guy with the sunshine smile. The Sorrento barber.”

More information on a funeral will follow…

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