Rewarding work, delicious food and warm smiles all around

That’s what Thanksgiving 2022 is all about!

Vibrant fall colours and the slight chill in the air remind us that the change of seasons is upon us as we prepare our centre for winter. 

Thanksgiving weekend is a special time here at Sorrento Centre. It is a time when Associates (long-time supporters and friends of Sorrento Centre) come together to celebrate, spruce up the beloved centre and create fond memories over worship, hard work and delicious food. This year was no exception! The beautiful weather helped make some of the outdoor tasks easier like raking the many leaves all over our campus, preparing our gardens for the winter and putting away our outdoor furniture.

After all that hard and important work, everyone was rewarded with a bountiful feast with all the Thanksgiving staples, with the addition of music, prayer, and laughter echoing all across the room. 

It was lovely to gather around the beautiful and iconic stone fireplace in Spes Bona for wine and cheese and cosy conversations.

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family and people to come together and give thanks for the bounties around.  As we let go of summer and drive head first into fall and the upcoming winter, we are grateful for all our friends, associates and staff that made thanksgiving weekend and Sorrento Centre just as magical as ever! Thank you for all your hard work, for continuing to spread the word about our centre and for spending time with us, once again.

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