Sorrento Ambassdor: Jane Dittrich

It is my ‘happy place’.

There are many things that delight the staff here at Sorrento Centre. We love this special place and the energy that surges every summer as our beloved guests and friends pour through the gates and make their way down the gravel road to start their own personal “this year at Sorrento” experience. For some, it’s their first summer. For others this is where they have come for their entire lives – and the memories fill the heart. This year is no different… 

The hugs and squeals of delight as new friends embrace after, in many cases, several years apart is a precious precious sound.

The other day, one of those expressions of glee was heard as Jane Dittrich arrived for her annual stay! Jane has shared with us the following article she wrote recently for her parish newsletter. 

Submitted by Jane Dittrich in July 2022

Earlier this year when Dean Chris asked me if I would be the Christ Church Cathedral representative for Sorrento Centre, I was honoured to say yes! I have attended Sorrento Centre since 1977. It is, as one would say, my ‘happy place’. Sorrento, for me, is rich with precious memories and special experiences too vast to list! For those of you who have attended Sorrento Centre, and/or are Associates of the Centre, you will understand why I say that. I have made lifelong friends by way of going there, many of whom are connected with our Cathedral parish. For those of you who have not yet attended Sorrento Centre, I most certainly want to encourage you to! 

The property itself is a rarity, boasting 24 acres of waterfront property on beautiful Shuswap Lake. It is a place where children can play freely, and where people of all ages can go year-round for a relaxing, spiritually enriching and rejuvenating holiday. The Centre offers a wide range of programming for children and youth, in addition to their many options of weekly programmes available for adults during the summer months. Have a look at the Sorrento Centre website to find general and historical information, as well as information on available courses and accommodations. 

Over the coming months and year, I will keep you informed as to things of interest going on at the Centre. I also want to discuss ways in which Christ Church Cathedral can continue to support the work and invaluable ministry of Sorrento Centre, as well as how we can further collaborate and enhance our relationship in joint ministries. I also hope to encourage interested parishioners to book some time there together! When you see me on welcoming duty or at the Cathedral for worship or otherwise, please do feel free to chat with me about Sorrento Centre and ask me any questions as related. 

Please have a look at the article which I wrote for the Diocese of New Westminster communications last July to get a sense of a week at Sorrento Centre. Click here for the article. 

PHOTO CREDITS: JANE DITTRICH Jane Dittrich on the beach at Sorrento Centre in 1977, and Jane on the beach at Sorrento Centre in 2019 with Canon Herbert O’Driscoll 

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