Sorrento Centre Farm update – April 2023

Angelo the farmer has been with Sorrento Centre for just over a month, and so much is happening at the farm down the road. He is looking forward to the possibilities for growing and harvesting organically grown fruits and vegetables. Although not a certified organic farm, Sorrento Centre is committed to ethical and sustainable farming. Hopes to integrate no-till and permaculture methods of farming alongside traditional techniques is an exciting prospect for the future, as Angelo and his team of youths work towards supplying our kitchen with fresh vegetables for our guests.

The ideas of cultivating a community garden and outreach to the schools for learning are exciting prospects too. But right now, for the short term, microgreens and baby vegetables are very happily taking root in our on-site greenhouse, right beside the Red Barn.

Stay tuned as we watch more and more grow around Sorrento Centre gardens and 4-acre farm just down the road.

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