Sorry about the weather

Playing havoc with our phones + internet

This article was published on Jan. 5, 2022.

Tried to get through to the Sorrento Centre – on-line or by phone? We are terribly sorry that you weren’t able to get through. Multiple power outages – mostly likely due to lots of snow and wind and trees toppling on power lines – shut us down on Wednesday.

Our second full day of work in January – and our hard-working office team was working hard to handle the busy phone lines and all those on-line reservations. That is, until our Centre (and a good chunk of Sorrento and the surrounding area) was hit with not one or two, but five power outages one after the other during the late morning and afternoon. 

Of course, when the power goes down, then the internet, the telephone land lines, our reservation server and much of the rest of our office equipment went blank. It takes a while, once the power is restored, to boot everything up again – only to have it all crash with the next power failure. 

On more than one occasion, a guest was speaking with our staff when the line went dead. 

The stormy weather in recent days has a strong impact in rural areas. While we were waiting for BC Hydro to restore the power, there was nothing to do but throw a log on the fire, take down some Christmas decorations, take our doggies for a romp in the snow and attend to tasks that are not electrically-powered! One of our staff even used the “break” to get a COVID booster.

More rough winter weather is on the way, and we could face more troubles. Please know that we are sorry for the weather-related disruptions, we are working as best as we can in challenging conditions and our tech consultant helped to ensure that, even with the power disruptions, our systems were up and functioning by the end of the day. 

If at first you aren’t able to get through on the phone line or on-line, please try again a bit later.

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