Special Event! Cookbook – NOURISH: A Guest and Staff Collection of Favourite Recipes!

NOURISH is our theme for 2024. The word “nourish” comes from the Latin “nutrire” meaning “to feed, to cherish “. Nourishing mind, body and soul is vitally important to the health and balance of our lives. When we take the time to intentionally nurture our physical and spiritual wellbeing, we create space for positive things to flow into our lives. We become the best version of ourselves, enabling us to have the energy and desire to be of service in a world that desperately needs us.

When we consider ways to nourish ourselves, it is understandable that our thoughts can land on food. To support Sorrento Centre’s 2024 theme of NOURISH, we are reaching out to all of our cherished guests and staff asking you to donate your favourite recipe to us so we can share it with others! We plan to include a section listing the contributors and a bit of information about their affiliation with the Centre. Our goal is to have the collection of recipes available for purchase at the beginning of May 2024! The earnings will be invested into our beloved Centre’s people, place and programs.

If you would like to contribute we are accepting recipe submissions now. The deadline to submit your recipe is March 11, 2024.

For instructions and more information please click on the tab below.

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