Taking action on housing and homelessness

…building up the community

This article was published on Jan. 29. 2019.

Almost two dozen people gathered to take action on housing and homelessness at the Sorrento Centre this evening (called together by our CSRD Regional Director Paul Demenok).

There were people from the community sector, churches, businesses (too many to thank here – but a great turn-out all around).

  • We shared ideas on local housing needs, and opportunities for action. Among the housing needs: homes for seniors, for seasonal workers and for low-income people.
  • We heard stories from the food bank about the desperate conditions facing some people.
  • We heard from the Lion’s Manor about their successful 16-unit subsidized housing initiative.
  • We heard about the desperate shortage of affordable housing for low-income people.
  • We heard from various groups that have land, or volunteers, or other assets to bring to the table.

There is a strong sense of momentum, and we are meeting again in a month. By that time, a working group will have laid the groundwork for a new housing society for our rural community.

  • We are also identifying learning opportunities by linking with nearby housing and homelessness initiatives.
  • We will start an inventory of the many assets in our community that can be pooled to create a range of housing to meet the range of needs. Very inspiring and a good sense of purpose and direction.

Sorrento Centre was delighted to host this first gathering, and we will be part of the group moving forward. Thank you to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for more news…

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