Thank you, Ruth Jefferson (Hall)

A life in service to others

Remembering, with thanks, the life and ministry of Rev. Canon Ruth Jefferson (Hall): Ruth was a founder of the Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre in the 1960s. Here is how Ruth is remembered in our ‘official’ history: “During her time at the Centre, she demonstrated her skills as a significant adult educator. She had the ability to draw the best out of others, allowing herself to be weak in order to let others be strong. She had the knack of helping people enjoy doing what needed doing with poor resources – for the sake of the Kingdom, and a capacity for tremendous self-giving to the point of total draining.

Trusting people and trusting process, Ruth was a genius at maintaining that necessary balance of caring for people while at one and the same time getting the job done.” Ruth died on July 29, 2020. She was ordained a Deaconess after graduating from Wycliffe College in 1958, and served across the country in the Dioceses of Keewatin, Nova Scotia and Niagara. She was priested in 1983. The pictures include one from her time at the Sorrento Centre and another more recent. Rest eternal grant unto her, and may light perpetual shine upon her!

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