The Giving Tree is bearing fruit out of season…and that’s a good thing!

We are looking for a bountiful harvest of Sorrento Centre apples in 2024! The tree has already produced three apples!

Thank you to the Hunter Family for their donations!

Simply choose a leaf (or two or three) from the tree, and make a donation to the Centre. The leaf will then be replaced by a bright red apple with your own name, a family member, “in memory of” or anonymously!  
Donate online : You can indicate on the form which item(s) on the leaf you have chosen.

History! The Giving Tree is the brain-child of our super creative Associate Director, Kathie McDuff. When she joined the team in 2022, it became clear that the various department managers around the centre had wishes and needs – things that they would like to have but could not come in under the budget. The wishlist included wonderful things like help with the bursary program and many other things like blankets, canopies, and kitchen equipment.

The list is varied, each item valued differently. We wondered how we could visually share this with friends of the Centre? Why, we are located right here on an old apple orchard. How perfect! The giving tree was dreamed up and then the amazingly talented fabric artist Darlene – who many of you know from our front office over many years – produced this beautiful quilted tree.

Watch the video to see close-ups of the amazing line and incredible thread work — truly a work of love. With the help of her daughter, they created a tree of leaves and we wrote our wishlist items on the leaves.

As our guests and associates and friends will come in and see the beautiful tree quilt hanging in the front reception office, they may be inspired to contribute! The leaf they choose will be replaced with a bright red apple with the donor’s name on it – or perhaps they may choose to make the donation in memory of someone special. So that person’s name will appear on the tree!

  • Some examples of items (leaves) found on the tree include: Program Bursary Fund, Adirondack Chairs, Beds, Blankets, Vinyl Covered Foams, Canopy, Lanterns, Dishes & Cutlery, Fridge(s), Stove, Outdoor Kitchen Fund, Office Computer, Billboards (Refurbish) etc.

Our hope is the tree bears lots and lots of red red fruit in 2024 — eventually covered with apples, with people’s names on it as it did so successfully in 2023!

Check out this video created for the 2023 launch of the Giving Tree project…

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