The hearts of our volunteers

Are the heart of Sorrento Centre

The summer of 2021, like so many before, Sorrento Centre is blessed with the many talented hands, strong backs and loving hearts of volunteers. More often than not these volunteers are actually our valued guests who are “on vacation” and yet feel the call to pull a weed or several, grab a paint brush, rake a trail or simply play some beautiful music to bring joy to others.

The heart of Sorrento Centre. For example, just last week we caught up with Jane Dittrich from Vancouver who has been coming to Sorrento Centre for many years. On her vacation in the Shuswap Jane still found time, as she does every year, to lovingly touch up the paint on the memorial bench honouring the late Fred Galius. Many have paused to rest on that bench in the garden outside Spes Bona to soak up the warmth of the sun or catch up with a friend. Some just take a moment to pause and remember the gentle and kind Fred, who dedicated countless hours over the years lending his talents in the maintenance shop and all around the site. 

Thank you Fred. Thank you Jane. Thank you volunteers all.

Side note: we acknowledge that there are many with the heart of a volunteer who may not be able to contribute “sweat equity” as they might wish to. We are ever so grateful for any and all contributions….

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