The Red Barn – under 5 Children’s Dedicated Space

It’s time for a refresh of the “Art Barn” so it’s ready for some of our most valued guests – the under-five crowd!

The building will be set up to be used as a special play place for the little ones during the regular weeks of summer programming. Suitable for so many purposes, it can be used for other programs when needed as well as children’s parties and playgroups etc. throughout the year.

A Sorrento Centre 60th Five Stage Project: the traditions continue

Sorrento Centre offers youth programming for all ages during the five weeks of Sorrento Centre Summer Programming as well as Youth Retreats throughout the year.

Once upon a time, (actually over 20 years ago) the Under Five Children’s Program was run from Kantakaye. Originally this building was a chicken coop turned into staff housing. In fact, the infamous Kathy and Phil McIntyre-Paul once called Kantakaye home. Over the years, it also hosted many of the expressive arts courses. And over these same years, without the necessary structural bones, it reverted to a coop-like state and was deemed unsafe in 2010. Since its demise, the Under Five Program has moved from place to place within the Centre.

It is our feeling that this makes it difficult for our guests, of all ages, to anticipate the fun they are going to have here from summer to summer. It is important to have a dedicated space we can improve upon over time.

When programming concludes, this newly renovated space will be perfect for small group workshops or programs.

Please support Sorrento Centre as we move forward into the next 60 years by helping us create space for our preschool children. In our first phase, our goal is to raise $6,000 to cover the first stages.

STAGE One A: Present to June 15, 2023

  1. Clear space and storage area
  2. Clear and beautify outside entry at side of The Red Barn
  3. Paint interior with “enamel” paint
  4. Seal floor
  5. Create Dutch door between the space and the corridor to the bathroom
  6. Install screen door at side entrance
  7. Wall in electrical panels
  8. Remove fencing from Casitas. Enable it to be portable/moveable.
  9. Erect this fencing west of the farmhouse on the field.
  10. Install coat/beach towel hooks (Max. 10)
  11. Install longer fan pull
  12. Further ensure safety, endurability and accessibility i.e. electrical outlet plugs etc.

STAGE One B: Present to June 15, 2023

  1. Purchase interlocking foam flooring for entire surface
  2. Purchase stacking cots (6)
  3. Purchase cot covers (6)
  4. Purchase other toys and supplies as required
  5. Purchase stickers or other wall decorations
  6. Purchase and install a change table (wall mounted)

STAGE Two: September to November (or when funds allow)

  1. Relocate quonset
  2. Create fenced, grassed playground to the east of The Red Barn with main access at the side entrance
  3. Install a retractable awning to provide shade as needed
  4. Purchase equipment as determined i.e. sandbox, kiddies pool, other outdoor equipment etc.

STAGE Three: April to June 2024

  1. Remove garage door and install an imaginative entrance (a barn-like door, a castle door) to further enhance the Red Barn. This will become the main entrance
  2. Create an entry way (corral) for parents to drop off or pick up their children

STAGE Four: Ongoing

  1. There are always things we wish we could do, new toys to be had, playground equipment to be included.

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