Volunteer at Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre

Volunteers are the hearts and souls of our communities. And that is never more evident than in day-to-day operations of non-profit organizations with missions to provide service and comfort to their communities and the world around. Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre is no different… for close to sixty years our centre has served the community with the energy and enthusiasm of volunteer willing to share their gifts and talents. 

Every year volunteers provide food for the hungry, provide care and engaging programs for our littlest people, create and maintain beautiful gardens for precious bees and humans to thrive, provide and mentor careful stewardship of our wetlands and song-bird habitat, share wisdom and leadership to take action on housing and homelessness while building up the community. 

Over the past few years, primarily due to public heath restrictions, the number of volunteers on site has diminished significantly. Even global travel restrictions means the familiar faces we once welcomed year after year have not been coming. But no more!

We have a number of volunteer opportunities that we’d love to share with you. Do you have talents and time you’d like to share with your community and beyond, please consider being part of the good-works of Sorrento Centre. It will fill your heart and enrich your life. 

Please contact Kathie at kathie@sorrentocentre.ca or call 250-675-2421 ext 107

Outdoor chores and tasks around the site

  • Window washing
  • Painting as needed
  • Dock installation
  • Wood cutting
  • Weeding
  • Installing/Removing planters
  • Planting (Front entrance, tree stump)
  • Raking leaves and fallen fruit
  • Preparing gardens for winter
  • Farm chores and more
  • Clean picnic tables
  • Labyrinth: Moss/weeds

Special Events

  • Variety of opportunities i.e. parking attendants, servers etc.

Weekly (Five weeks of Sorrento Programming) as above and…

  • Worship assistance
  • Ambassador

The variety of volunteer contributions over the decades can be seen in every corner of this beautiful space. One would be hard pressed to find any spot around here that isn’t infused with the energy, kindness, and heart of generations who gave freely of their time and talents. For that we are richly blessed and deeply appreciative.

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