Watch out for that bear!

Wild Safe BC and Shuswap Adventure Girl

Most people come to the Shuswap for its beautiful nature. We are surrounded by acres of forests; we have an abundance of hiking trails and of course, our majestic Shuswap Lake sits at the heart of our community here in Sorrento.

The Shuswap is the perfect place for those that love the outdoors, mother nature and adventure but it is important to remember that we share the Shuswap with all kinds of wildlife.

We should all be especially aware that we share our beloved Shuswap with apex predators that look cute and friendly from afar, but they are dangerous creatures. Black bears and grizzly bears live in regions all over British Columbia, you may have even seen one on a hike, on a camping trip or even in your backyard!

We had the pleasure of hosting a bear safety workshop with our friend Sarah Tokarek  (Shuswap Adventure Girl as her many social media followers know her) and Olivia from Wild Safe BC. During the workshop, those in attendance heard stories of caution from hiking enthusiast Sarah and recollections of stories from her late father – a former conservationist in the Yukon. She and Olivia then went on to cover the basics of bear safety: make lots of noise, always carry your bear spray with you and never run from a bear. All important things to know about bear safety.

Wild Safe BC showed everyone how to test bear spray safely and build that ever-critical wall to deter a scared or angry bear. As the workshop came to a close guests left with a better understanding of safety, protection and just how vulnerable and vital bears are to our greater ecosystems.

In the woods, your life and their life are on the line whenever you have an encounter with any bears. We can not forget it is our responsibility to protect our wildlife and to protect ourselves. With proper education, training, and understanding – we share our home together. And keep humans and the bears safe. 

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