Watch this: Prophecy without contempt – faith in public square

Prof. Cathleen Kaveny in conversation with WYLD

UPDATE: This article was published on Feb, 25, we do not currently offer any WYLD programs.

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Prophets down through history have taken on the responsibility of speaking truth to power – often in very harsh terms. From ancient Hebrew prophets like Jeremiah and Isaiah to modern-day prophets like Martin Luther King Jr, the prophetic voice can move mountains, and also cause great resentment. 

The Sorrento Centre’s virtual community hub hosted Boston College law and theology Prof. Cathleen Kaveny, who has studied religious discourse in the public square through her book “Prophecy Without Contempt”, joined the young adults of our Winter Youth Leadership Development (WYLD) program on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021 for an engaging and stimulating conversation.

Are there guidelines for people of faith who seek to use the prophetic voice? Are there ways to discern true and false prophets? How can prophets be humble and forceful at the same time? What is the role of humour in skewering the hubris of false prophets?

Check out the 90-minute video. 

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