Water water every where!

and not a beach to be found!

You may have heard on the news that there is an ongoing Flood Watch for the Shuswap region as the potential for severe flooding continues to climb. May and June have been unseasonable cool and rainy, so this, along with seasonal spring run-off, is bringing up the water levels.  If widespread heavy rainfall takes place, rivers will likely reach the highest levels of the season and significant flooding is possible. High volumes of water flowing into the South Thompson River system can create a domino effect in the region’s watershed which contributes to higher water levels in Shuswap Lake.

Take a look for yourself! The photos above were taken on June 21, 2022. Here at Sorrento Centre, our beach is swallowed up by the rising waters, but none of our infrastructure is at risk. Even the fire pit looks like it will not float away!


But don’t you worry… before long the waters will recede and the sun will shine down on our beach. Before we know it little inukshuks will appear, our guests will be reading and basking in the sun, children will be squealing and laughing as they jump from the dock and the smell of sunscreen and wet hair will fill our hearts!


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