Weaving – craft as contemplation

And beauty is created

We use woven cloth every single day, but we rarely have a chance to reflect on how it is made, let alone try our hands at weaving some ourselves. 

Talented hands from all over gather to learn the art of weaving – creating cloth from thread, beauty from nothing. With looms on laps and expert direction of Alison Hurlburt, the weavers’ cheerful banter and laughter of friendships made and blossoming in God’s love fill the room. And there is some pretty amazing handicraft coming from it all!

Meet a couple of the weavers:

Dr. Elisabeth Thompson is from Edmonton AB and serves Sorrento Centre as a director on the board and shares her experience as a beginner weaver. (click here to see Elisabeth’s video)

Ruth MacIntosh works at The Anglican Church of St. John the Divine in Victoria and is weaving an altar cloth for use at their Forest Church, incorporating the Pentecost colours. Forest Church consists of families from St. John the Divine and surrounding parishes who worship and celebrate outdoors.

She also works at a child and youth mental health tertiary care facility for young people 6 to 17 years old and is thinking of setting up a loom there so that all the ages and staff can work on projects together.

A beautiful altar-cloth, handwoven with love by more than a dozen hands (aged 7 to 70) was carried in by the weavers themselves and presented yesterday at the last Eucharist of “The 5 Weeks of Summer”.

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