Well, the summer youth staff is starting to arrive, and we couldn’t be happier! Let us introduce you to a some of them. Watch this space as we showcase more as they arrive.

Caelie Hill
Calelie will be working on the farm over the summer. Her favourite part about the farm is watching all the plants grow and blossom to life. Calelie is a little quiet but she always has a smile on her face, even when its sweltering hot outside. Calelie loves reading as she use to work at a small bookstore, growing up on the classics "Percy Jackson". She's also quite the artist, drawing brilliant pictures in her spare time.

Leticia Grass & Jessica Winkler
Both Leticia and Jessica will be in the kitchen over the summer, helping you out with any inquiries. Letti is 17 years old and has just graduated from high school. You may see her down by the campfire this summer as she loves the beach and paddle boards in her spare time. Both her and Jessica speak 3 languages: Russian,German and English.
They've been friends for over 10 years and often you can catch them speaking German to each other. Jessica is very outgoing so if you have any questions she is alway happy to have a chat. She plays violin and is in a local church orchestra. They're very hard workers as they pay attention to small details and are constantly willing to learn new skills.

Sophia Grass
Sophia is Letti's younger sister and she'll be working in house keeping over the summer. She's has an extroverted character so you'll be able to spot her around the site talking to people. In her spare time she loves going outdoors in nature, looking after animals such as the chickens they have at home. She is a musician and plays various different instruments including piano, guitar and trumpet.

Margot Belcher
Margot will be working in social media over the summer, so you will see her out and about taking photos. Margot comes from England so she'll be living on site, so feel free to say hi. She loves listening to music so you may see her with her headphones on gallivanting around the property. Margot loves swimming so on her time off she'll be in the lake as much as possible.
Shane Diwag
Shane will be working in the child and youth department over the summer helping out with the kiddies. She came to Sorrento a couple years ago with her friend Lourhayne for a youth retreat. She decided to come back to work over the summer as she was drawn to the relaxed and happy atmosphere. Shane is has an energetic temperament and she's very social, she's always happy to help out anyone who comes her way. 
Lourhayne Filez
Lourhayne will also be in the child and youth department. Her sister was apart of the SYS in 2022 and Lourhayne wanted to be in SYS last year but was too young so she waited and joined this year. Lourhayne was enticed by the sweet and kind people she meet when she came here on a youth retreat, which solidified her joining us for the summer. She's competitive when it comes to games and sports, so over the summer you may see her playing volleyball down at the lake with the other SYS staff. 
Watch this page – we have more summer staff to introduce to you!