Welcome 2023 Summer Youth Staff

Well, the summer youth staff is starting to arrive, and we couldn’t be happier! Let us introduce you to a some of them. Watch this space as we showcase more as they arrive.

Hayden Blair

Hayden comes to us from the traditional lands of the WSANEC people. Hayden has been coming to Sorrento Centre for 24 years and has worked as summer youth staff in both 2013 and 2019.

With a calling to youth ministry, they have been working and volunteering for 14 years. Hayden is the Children and Youth Minister at St. Andrews Anglican church in Sidney, BC. Hayden enjoys spending their free time doing sports, watching movies, and building Lego. They are looking forward to being here during Sorrento Centre’s 60th Anniversary.

Aleta Pappas

Aleta returns to Sorrento Centre this summer having recently graduated from university in Early Learning and Child Care. She has been coming to Sorrento Centre since she was three years old. Aleta has been on summer youth staff many times before and is one of the summer program leaders this year. She has been working with children at church for quite some time and has also done some Godly Play.

Aleta is someone who is hard working and is determined. She is looking forward to the opportunity to work here in the Child and Youth department as an Early Childhood Educator. She hopes to build many new memories, experiences and gain additional knowledge in her field this summer.

Kendra Mullen

Kendra is an aspiring digital storyteller and a fresh addition to the youth staff at the Sorrento Centre. Despite spending her summers in the nearby area, this is Kendra’s first year ever visiting Sorrento Centre. Drawn in by the breathtaking beauty and the tight-knit community that she had heard so much about, she decided to embark on a new adventure and spend her summer at Sorrento Centre.

Kendra’s passion for digital media and storytelling perfectly aligns with her desire to capture and share the essence of this extraordinary place. Eager to immerse herself in the Sorrento experience, she looks forward to creating compelling narratives and visually stunning content that will inspire others to discover the magic of the Sorrento Centre.

Solomon Norman

This is Solomon’s first year as summer youth staff at the Sorrento Centre. New to Kamloops, and is active in St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral in Kamloops. Solomon is excited to spend the summer working at the Center and helping out in such a beautiful area. 

In his spare time, Solomon plays chess, Splatoon 3, and boardgames as much as possible, as well as reading when there is time to fit in between the other three and schoolwork. Solomon is always willing to help out, at least when he is not asleep, and is always ready to wish you a good morning! Regardless of if it is morning or not. Even if it is 10pm on a Sunday.

Zach Bass

Zach comes from Oakville, Ontario and moved to B.C. in 2014, and has been living in Sorrento for the past five years.

Zach is someone who is always looking to dive into new things, he loves learning new skills and is always up for a challenge. He has enjoyed everything there is to do in Sorrento over his time living here, including, swimming, playing basketball, and visiting the local farmers market. Zach is looking forward to starting his journey at Sorrento Centre.

Tasia Pappas

Tasia has been coming to Sorrento Centre for 15 years and this is her first year on the Summer
Youth Staff. She works in the nursery at the Cathedral in Vancouver and has been working with
children for 4 years. Tasia has an interest in reading, music, martial arts and swimming which
she put to use to recently complete her NL course. Tasia is super excited to start working with
everyone and to enjoy the summer!

Watch this page – we have more summer staff to introduce to you!

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