What a surprise!

Cute and cuddly long furry noodles – We are used to the children laughing and running around in the sunshine and the adults enjoying a relaxing break from reality or engaged in a raucous crib tournament. We are used to squirrels and chipmunks, crows and eagles… even the occasional deer passing through!

We’ve seen it all this summer but what we did not expect to see was ferrets. Yes, ferrets. Cute, cuddly long furry noodles frolicking around our centre, without a care in the world! 

Wade Bryson, part of our maintenance staff, spotted the two ferrets at the shop. Initially, he thought they were feral ferrets until they came up to him expecting pets. He was baffled at how two friendly, domesticated ferrets ended up at Sorrento Centre. Wade managed to locate the owners – turns out, guests next door had brought their ferrets on vacation, and they escaped. Luckily, Wade was able to return them to their rightful owners but not before snapping a picture or two! These two adorable guests have been the talk around campus lately – but also serve as a reminder to always keep a close eye on your pets!

We hope you enjoy seeing our expected guests as much as we did. There’s always something unexpected happening here at Sorrento Centre! 

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