Wildfire updates…

Last updated October 12, 2023

We are safely and fully re-opened after the nearby Bush Creek East wildfire swept through our region in July, August and September. Cooler temperatures, along with some rain, has dampened most of the area of the 45,613-hectare wildfire.

The evacuation order and alert, air quality alert and boil water advisory for our main campus and farm (which were in place for much of the late summer) have been rescinded).

There is no reported loss of life due to the wildfire. Many of our neighbours in the North and South Shuswap lost homes. All our lives and livelihoods have been severely disrupted.

We were forced to evacuate almost 200 guests and all of our staff in mid-August as the fire quickly moved more than 20k in less than 12 hours. After eight days in evacuation, we were allowed to return though our Centre was not able to re-open until mid-September. We have suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses due to the wildfire.

We are deeply grateful for the dedicated efforts of BC Wildfire, local firefighters, first responders, police and local volunteers in tackling the wildfire, which started in mid-July near Adams Lake and then roared through the North and South Shuswap in mid-August. Columbia Shuswap Regional District emergency services provided vital information and practical supports to evacuees, including Sorrento Centre staff and our neighbours. Many individuals, groups and businesses stepped up over the past two months to offer numerous acts of kindness to the thousands of people in our region impacted by the wildfire and evacuations.

The Sorrento Centre is working with our neighbouring organizations in the North and South Shuswap through the local Community Response Network (which we host) to support recovery efforts in our region.  

The Sorrento Centre monitors fire activity, as well as air and water quality, and will adjust re-opening plans as required. We will post regular updates on our website and social media.