WYLD time

Happy birthdays and fare-thee-wells

This article was published on Dec. 18, 2020. We are currently not offering WYLD programing, but take a look at our current child and youth programs here.

In December 2020, we enjoyed two celebrations rolled into one for the tight little bubble on the Sorrento Centre campus that is our WYLD (Winter Youth Leadership Development) program. The seven young adults joined the first cohort of WYLD in mid-September – many of them strangers to each other.

Over the last few months, as we became locked down during the pandemic, the group went through challenges and peak moments. Now, in mid-December, WYLDlife gathered to say goodbye to Melissa, Aleta and Melody (pictured with the certificates) – who are leaving us to return to academic studies and other life pursuits.

We also used the time to wish happy birthday to three of our WYLD young adults – Aleta, Melody and Ben (pictured with the cakes).

WYLD continues through to May. Due to public health considerations, the already small cohort will shrink just a bit more. But the experience will remain rich and deep for the young adults.

Much more about WYLD, including some testimonials, will be posted in the coming days. WYLD is a new program with a long history… building on more than five decades of youth and young adult programming at our beloved Centre. 

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