You are welcome. You are safe. You are cared for.

In the aftermath of the intense early-winter storms (in Nov. 2021) that ravaged much of our province, we at Sorrento Centre are working with the Shuswap Emergency Support Services team to offer comfort and support to families and pets evacuated from nearby Merritt and elsewhere. 

So far, we’ve had a number of families, including those with pets, settle in our apartments and cabins. We anticipate more needing lodging and food in the coming days.

Our prayers are for the thousands of stranded travellers and truckers, those whose homes and livelihoods are threatened, those who are displaced and frightened – and especially for the many hard-working emergency response personnel working around the clock to rescue, secure, and repair the devastation left behind. 

For our own small part, we feel honoured to provide a warm welcome to our neighbours. They may be displaced temporarily, but for the next while they can rest assured they are warm and dry and cared for. 

UPDATE (Friday November 19): 
Increased demand will mean increased costs. We are grateful for the funding we receive, but not all the meals are covered. And the costs of food, fuel and so much more is skyrocketing – even as our staff team works seven days a week to prepare and deliver the meals. You can help us help. Here’s how… 

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