Expressive Arts

Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre

Private Retreat – Okanagan Knitters

Since 1999, the Okanagan Knitters Retreat has attracted knitters of all levels, from those who have only recently picked up the art of knitting and purling, to those who are designing their own patterns. The retreats have been held at the Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre on Shuswap Lake in BC since 2005 and will... ...


Nourish Couture – Wearable Art for Your Soul

Welcome to “Nourish Couture,” a creative workshop where fashion meets art, and your soul finds expression through wearable masterpieces. In this unique experience, Melissa Nasby, a Canadian fibre artist, will guide you through the art of crafting a headdress, through a journey of self-expression, and creative exploration that not only reflects your personal style but... ...



A Little Watercolour nourishment for Mind, Body and Spirit! Venture into the blissful state of creative contemplation. Karin Huehold, a professional painter of 30 years, has paired her love of watercolour and mandalas for this fun week of amazing art lessons. Students will enjoy an inspiring experience of discovering boundless design possibilities “inside the circle”.  Freeform to geometrically inspired designs along with... ...


The Dance of Truth; Family Storytelling

We gather together to connect.  In our interwoven online world – we sit still for long periods.  Our bodies are meant to move, to connect; face to face, eye to eye, and heart to heart.  Perhaps that is where we can find our true selves. A poet, dancer, and visual artist, Karen Gummo has been performing... ...


Creative Journaling: To Judge or Not to Judge

“I see everything outside of me through the lens of everything that is inside of me. Therefore, before I look at the world outside, I’d be wise to look at the lens inside.” Craig D. Lounsbrough Do any of us know a single person who is proud because they are judgmental? Yet we know of... ...


Creative Journaling: Space for Silence

Join Kathie MacDuff, Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre’s very own Artist in Residence and come explore the topic of silence. Silence ends up being another controversial topic; a state some people avoid like the plague while others eagerly embrace it. Let’s see if we can find some even ground and try to understand what (consciously... ...


The Sacred Circle Part 2: Studies in the Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel is a symbol of the universe and teaches us about reality and how all things are connected. It guides us through a wholistic understanding of our connectedness; for the gifts humanity has been given which are rooted in our ancient world cultures.  There is a resurgence and need for Medicine Wheel teachings... ...


The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is at the heart of the Christian faith. Christians around the world pray it every day in thousands of languages. This prayer of Jesus is always on our lips. But how can we incorporate this prayer better into our lives? How can we live as if this is God’s central prayer for... ...


Gifts from Nature: Eco Printing on Paper and Silk

Leaves gathered at the Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre will be used to create prints on paper and on silk fabric. In this program we will explore how those beautiful prints can be used to create greeting cards or wee books as well as a scarf.  The leaves we select will transfer colour and texture... ...


Finding the Line

A workshop with Catherine Nicholls In art, a line is a fundamental mark or stroke that defines the shape, contour, or outline of a form and can convey motion, direction, or emotion.  In this workshop, we will explore all the ways we can make line in textile art. Lines in layers through transparent fibre, reactive... ...

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