Visit Our Shop

Everything you need (as long as what you need is in our shop)!

Drop by the bright and roomy shop located on the main floor of Spes Bona, our iconic administration building. Enter from the porch on the north end of the building, or through the ‘Spes Bona’ entrance.

We stock lots of different items:

  • practical things like toothpaste and bug repellent
  • useful things like towels for the beach
  • clothing from t-shirts to sweatshirts to socks
  • yummy jam from the Sorrento Jam company
  • serious books and fun books and music books
  • Anne Barton’s murder mystery “The Death of the Wicked” set on our campus (entirely fictional but genuinely an enjoyable read) – signed by the author!
  • snacks – both nutritious and frivolous
  • ice cream
  • cold soft drinks
  • ice
  • handcrafted items
  • and so much more…

Our shop is open everyday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, just drop by the office. We accept cash, debit or credit.

If you have suggestions for items to add to our shop, please tell our office staff.

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