Abundant clean, green solar energy

Look waaaaaay up! And you will see on the roof of Spes Bona, we added 32 solar panels during Thanksgiving of 2020 to the 19 in the original array installed in 2019. The enhanced array went live on November 1. In the first three months, the array generated 901.7 kWh – up three and one-half times from 263.5 kWh from the previous year. On sunny days, the panels power our main admin building and surplus flows into the grid. We are offsetting energy costs and gaining new revenue.

Your donations are powering a clean, green energy revolution… and you are helping throughout the campus with a growing number of small projects (like the cabana renovations and the A-frame to year-round use, as well as the library on the second floor of Spes Bona).

The Sorrento Centre expresses our commitment to social and environmental sustainability in many ways – from the solar panels on the roof of Spes Bona to the organic heat transfer system at our greenhouse. We are honoured to be part of the Global Biosphere Adhesion program of the World Tourism Association, administered in our area by the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association.

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